Andrea Mignolo Designer, speaker, coach.

I help organizations design more human ways of working.

Inquire, create, reflect.

I use theories of design to help start-ups, teams, and leaders open up new worlds of possibility for how we can work, live, and create.

At it’s core design is a transformational learning process of inquiry, creation, and reflection; a critical practice to utilize when facing challenges of the 21st century.

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Design loop

Speaking and Workshops

I speak frequently on the topic of design leadership, business strategy, culture, design thinking, and management. I am incredibly passionate about the power of design and how it can be applied to the challenges that we face in our organizations. Using real-world experiences and case studies I hope to inspire new approaches to how we think about work.

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As a practitioner of Intentional Change Theory, Appreciative Inquiry, and Integral Coaching, I believe in strengths-based approaches to change. I work with start-ups, leaders, and teams to design meaningful ways of working that lead to better organizations and outcomes

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I am a voracious reader! Books have introduced me to some pivotal and life-changing theories that have impacted the way I think about work and what it means to live a purposeful life.

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