My mission is to help organizations create better ways of working that support individual and collective flourishing.

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On Design

Design is a way of learning about and shaping our world.

I use design to co-create generative ways of living, being, and doing. The basis of all design work utilizes the design loop - a type of transformational learning loop - that moves through three stages: inquiry, creation, and reflection.

Design loop

Inquiry. Words create worlds, and the potential of the future hinges on our ability to ask the right questions. What we ask guides what is possible, and possibility is the hope of a different future. These futures might involve increased product engagement, more team alignment, or a new business model with a competitive advantage. Inquiry sets the stage for creation.

Creation. This is where things get really fun. Put something into the world and see what happens! Traditionally with design creation involves a product, a prototype, a piece of software, or a service to be experienced. But it could also be new ways of having conversations, ways to hold space and create psychological safety, or storytelling as way to build alignment in organizations.

Reflection. What did we learn from our creation? What held true? What was surprising? What didn't work? All of these questions go back into refining our inquiry and progressing through the design loop again. Reflective practices have a direct impact on our ability to create learning capabilities, to iterate, and to continually engage with designing our future.

On Organizations

"One of the most significant facts of our time is the predominance of the organization. Quite possibly it is the most significant. It will take time to realize its full effects on the thinking and behavior of individuals. In this conditioning process, few escape its influence." - George Nelson

My purpose is to design organizations that enhance our ways of working, living, and being. I believe there are infinitely more creative ways of working, ways that foster our ability to be present, more fully human, and to work with joy. Through a deep sense of caring and a commitment to personal transformation we can change ourselves, our organizations, and our world.